Restoring Life in Tirah Valley 


Why Tirah Valley?

Due to the rebel violence, back-and-forth retaliations and large-scale attacks, thousands of innocent civilians were killed, while more than 80,000 residents were driven from their homes and fled the region.* 

Shahid Afridi Foundation is currently working on various initiatives in Tirah Valley which is one of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, located in the Tirah region in Khyber Agency, Pakistan. 

Being a remote yet a strategic gateway along Pakistan's Afghan border, the area was turned into a battleground by the rebels. It was virtually untouched by the government until Pakistan Army entered the area in 2003.* 

Life in Tirah Valley is now returning to normal, but the future is still uncertain. Locals are going back to their homeland which is now filled with destroyed houses, burnt down schools and razed markets. 

Our initiatives aim to help the displaced victims of war by restoring their basic human rights such as clean drinking water and education.

Our Progress

Shahid Afridi Foundation's work on restoration process is well underway. Our team accomplished to construct water storage tanks and pipelines, providing clean drinking water to Tirah community. Our goal is to construct a total of 300 tanks.

Along with our clean water projects, we have supplied the internally displaced residents with tents, as well as providing up to 20,000 children with education supplies and sport equipments. Supplying solar lanterns are also part of our rehabilitation efforts in Tirah Valley.


*Source: Aljazeera