Shahid Afridi Foundation School
Malikpur Campus, Pakistan

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Education provides individuals with the power to create an opportunity for themselves and the society. With this vision, we have opened our first school in Malikpur, a village in Gujrat District, in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi Foundation School provides cost-free education to more than 250 students in an area where population falls below the poverty line, and the middle-age group consists of people with occupations of maids, helpers, drivers and milkmen. With access to education, these students are given an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty suffered by their families for generations.

Shahid Afridi Foundation School's Malikpur Campus is just the beginning. Through partnerships with educational NGOs, corporate sponsorships and donations, we aim to open many more schools and vocational training institutes, as well as providing teacher and family training programs to create a well-educated and poverty-free society in Pakistan.