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"The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations."

— Adam Smith


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Dar'ul Sukun for the abandoned children with disabilities

Shahid Afridi Foundation has adopted a Special Children’s Ward at Dar'ul Sukun Homes in Karachi, Pakistan. We have allocated an annual fund of $28,000 CAD for the vulnerable kids of Dar'ul Sukun, who have nowhere else to go. Besides being a source of continued financial aid, our in-person visits on special days are fostering these forsaken individuals' sense of trust and giving them the moral support they crave.



Solar lantern, sport equipment and education supplies — another life touching initiative in Tirah Valley

Tirah Valley is one of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas in Pakistan that has no access to electricity. With minimal alternatives for lighting, the locals use fuel-based lamps (kerosene) which are unsafe, unhealthy, eco-destructive and expensive. Our team came up with an ideal solution that works both at home and outdoors. We supplied LuminAid solar lanterns to almost 20 villages, in a radius of approximately 15km. The well-lit solar lanterns provide children, women and men with huge benefits and convenience when studying, cooking and walking at dark — especially in areas where poisonous snakes are common. In addition to the solar lanterns, we have provided up to 20,000 children with education supplies and sport equipments. All our efforts are to rehabilitate the war-afflicted communities of Tirah Valley, Pakistan.


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