We continue to build new hospitals for rural communities, and  subsidize existing health facilities for continued improvement.
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Every year 200,000 babies die in Pakistan in the first month of their birth. The reason behind such high infant mortality and stillbirth rates is the lack of knowledge and delays in receiving proper care from a health professional, especially in remote rural areas.*



Thar Hospital,
Shahid Afridi Foundation
Mother & Child Block

Thar Hospital is projected as a 250-bed fully equipped health care facility, currently being built in Islamkot — a town in the Tharparkar District in Sindh, Pakistan. As part of this collaboration project, Shahid Afridi Foundation is fully funding the construction of Thar Hospital's Mother & Child Block which will exclusively focus on long-term and emergency maternity and infant care. 


Sahibzada Fazal Rehman
Charity Hospital

The construction, medical equipments and all ongoing operations of the hospital are fully funded by Shahid Afridi Foundation. The hospital is a well-equipped 16-bed inpatient facility, providing no-cost primary health care to the poor and ailing communities living in villages near city of Kohat.


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The greatest wealth is health.
— Virgil

© Cover Photo: D. Chulov
*Source: Save The Children