Families of Virtue Community Breakfast Program for Low-income Kids in Brampton

Another charity project funded by Shahid Afridi Foundation Canada

Families of Virtue (FOV) is a non-profit grassroots organization, providing healthy eating, family and education programs to support low-income families in a high-risk neighbourhood in Brampton.

In 2009, FOV introduced a community breakfast program to cater to children in the Knightsbridge and Kingcross communities. Initially the breakfast program served 10 kids. In time, its numbers increased up to 60 children in the area.

The program was used to be funded, at first by Region of Peel, and following by United Way of Peel Region. A few years ago the funders pulled out of the program based on new investment strategies and revised criteria, which resulted in FOV shutting down the program due to lack of funding.

In early 2018, Martin Singh a businessman, politician and community activist, connected two key stakeholders Doris Nketia, Founder and Executive Director of FOV; and Filiz Ozmisir, Vice President of Shahid Afridi Foundation’s Canadian Chapter. Sharing a lot of common values and goals, the two charities clicked immediately.

Thanks to a grant from Shahid Afridi Foundation Canada, FOV has reopened the breakfast program which dozens of children depend on. Most of the kids in the area did not have breakfast before going to school because their parents couldn’t afford.

Now the program is back in full gear, these kids no longer have to go to school with a hungry stomach. FOV’s fridges are now full with nutritious ingredients. The volunteers are back to the kitchen, preparing and serving fresh breakfast before kids go to school, as well as packing lunch for kids who cannot afford. 

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