Aiding The Street School

The Street School is a one of a kind charity organization in Pakistan, set up by two siblings — Shireen was 12 year old and Hasan was 15 when they decided to develop an education program for the unsheltered children forced into working as street beggars in Karachi. 

According to a 2017 article by Suniya Umar Khan, Shireen was approached by a young girl at a traffic light, who instead of asking for money, requested Shireen to teach her. Deeply affected by this encounter, she realised something needed to change. With the help of her elder brother Hasan, Shireen's initial intention of a small session, turned into a full-scale school with multiple branches spread throughout the city. The Street School serves destitute children six days a week from 4 to 6pm, teaching multiple subjects including English, Math and the local language Urdu. They also hold exercise classes, as well as fun activities and games on Saturdays.

Touched by this admirable cause, Shahid Afiridi Foundation has launched a program to support The Street School's efforts in helping unsheltered kids gain marketable skills. Through basic education and training, these unsheltered kids can be given a better shot at life. We have equipped The Street School with two laptops and essential education supplies. Being a world-renowned sportsman and a philanthropist, Shahid Afridi's appearance in-person have provided The Street School with national exposure, contributing to the organization's credibility and fundraising efforts. 

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